I VG Sweets - Bubblegum Millions

by I VG
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Remember those tiny little sweets, the ones that always turn up down the back of the sofa? Bubblegum Millions By I Love VG Sweets anyone?

Throw in some bubblegum flavouring in to the chewy sweetness of Millions and you’re pretty close to what this juice tastes like. Like most flavours that have been around for decades, Bubblegum is instantly familiar but seemingly difficult to get right, and in relation to that, it’s the accuracy and authenticity of the flavours that really makes Bubblegum Millions standout. You don't have to be got to be a bubblegum lover to love this liquid, but if you are, it doesn’t get much better!

Main Flavour Notes:
Chewy Sweets 

70% VG

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