Efest LUC V4 Battery Charger

by Efest
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Efest's LUC V4 - A Charger & Power Bank in One with in Car Charger!

Efest have long been at the forefront of both batteries, and chargers, and their most popular charger to date is the Luc V4, thanks to its versatility, simplicity and capabilities.

Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously at 0.5A or 1A, or two batteries simultaneously at 2A, you’ve got a range of options to charge quickly, or steadily, and it makes batch-charging batteries a breeze!

Add to this the large HD screen, with independent displays showing the current voltage and charging rate for each battery individually, as well as the option to use a fully loaded charger as a power bank with USB out, to charge your personal electronic devices, adding more to the versatility of the Luc V4.

In the end, the Luc V4 is about as good as a charger can get, and if you’re in the market, it definitely won’t disappoint. 

0.5A, 1A and 2A Charging Current
USB Output for Charging of Other Personal Devices
Independent Charging Current for each Slot
Individual Display for Each Battery
Large HD Screen showing Battery Capacity & Charging Current
Small Form Factor
Huge Amount of Batteries Supported

1 x Efest Luc V4
1 x Power Cable
1 x Car Charger
1 x Warranty Information
1 x User Manual

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