Pacha Mama - Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

by Charlie's Chalk Dust
Strawberry, Guava and Jackfruit from the Pacha Mama Range by Charlie's Chalk Dust!

Guava is a difficult flavour to get right in an e-liquid. There’s many who try, and the end result is usually a light, airy sweetness. Strawberry, Guava and Jackfruit takes the flavour of an accurate guava, adds the full-bodied flavour of a strawberry and polishes it off with Jackfruit, whose flavour is similar to a fig! It’s a decidedly different take on a fruity vape, but its incredibly delicious and undoubtedly a hit with those who’ve become bored with the more traditional fruit flavours.

Main Flavour Notes:

70% VG

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